Doom Monsters

Archvile: They show it in their own unique way.


Thy ink consumed 


Thy ink consumed 

((Don’t worry about it! I’m always overwhelmed with the amount of asks I get, but I never want to turn ‘em off because it gives me so much variation. I feel bad for deleting the ones I do (besides the spammy ones of course) but I end up deleting so few that this happens

I do apologize if I don’t ever get to someone’s, but there’s a ridiculous amount right now and I often can never make myself delete them ‘cause it makes me feel horrible that I wasn’t able to answer it, whether it be lack of motivation, lack of knowledge, or if I simple don’t know how to answer it.

So to conclude this little rant, I give you this

I try to clean my askbox out every now and then but I always end up holding onto most of them))

((I’ve been looking around and it seems the shirts would be a bit too pricey for me, but I’ve found a site that looks promising for stickers! Would you like to see more detailed stickers (like the Cacodemon in my avatar) or the more cartoony look?))

Cacodemon: Oh this takes me back…

((Just a little survey poll! I’ve always thought it’d be cool to make stickers or shirts or something but wasn’t sure if anyone would want to actually buy them))

Imp: Eh, they just kinda roam around wherever until they die somehow.

Cyberdemon: Eh he’s more of a pet than anything… or like hungry wallpaper.